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WP Rocket Plugin v3.15.6

The WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin stands as a caching plugin designed to enhance the loading speed and overall performance of WordPress sites, eliminating the need to reload pages when content changes. By efficiently caching individual posts, pages, and custom post types, WP Rocket ensures instant loading upon subsequent views.

Core Features of WP Rocket Plugin:

  1. CDN Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to optimize content delivery.
  2. Easy Configuration: User-friendly setup and configuration process, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  3. Google Fonts Optimization: Optimizes the loading of Google fonts for enhanced performance.
  4. Preload Cache Support: Background caching of individual posts, pages, and custom post types for instant loading.
  5. Database Size Reduction: Optimizes and reduces the size of the database for improved efficiency.
  6. Browser Caching Support: Utilizes browser caching to enhance page loading speed.
  7. Query Strings Removal: Allows the removal of query strings for improved performance.
  8. Google Page Speed Insights Score: Aids in achieving a Google Page Speed Insights score of 90+.
  9. Cloudflare Integration: Seamless integration with Cloudflare for enhanced performance.
  10. Mobile-Specific Cache: Provides different cache settings for mobile sites.
  11. Overall Performance Improvement: Enhances the overall performance of the website.
  12. User-Friendly: Requires no technical expertise for usage.
  13. Compatibility: Works with all types of websites.
  14. Easy-to-Understand Settings: Features settings that are easy to comprehend.
  15. Automatic Recommended Settings: Automatically enables recommended settings upon installation.
  16. Lazy Loading: Supports lazy loading for images, iFrames, and videos.
  17. Files Optimization: Supports optimization of files.
  18. Files Compression: Supports compression of files.
  19. Custom Cache Lifespan: Allows customization of cache lifespan.
  20. Prefetch DNS Requests: Allows prefetching of DNS requests.
  21. Forced Cache Refresh: Option for forced cache refresh.
  22. Preloading of Pages: Supports preloading of pages.
  23. Preload URLs from Sitemaps: Preloads URLs from sitemaps.
  24. GZip Compression: Utilizes GZip compression for optimized performance.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Rocket v3.15.6: December 05, 2023

  • Bugfix: Improved RUCSS retry strategy to trigger the last step at the appropriate time.
  • Enhancement: Ceases firing WP Cron when disabled, preventing Used CSS processing for the homepage with priority.
  • Compatibility: Enhanced LazyLoad for Background images compatibility with WPML.
  • Compatibility: Optimized Contact Form 7 integration to avoid loading unnecessary JavaScript when the form is absent.

Sales Page and Live Demo of WP Rocket Plugin:

WP Rocket

Free Download WP Rocket Latest Version:


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