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XTRA WordPress Theme v4.7.2

The XTRA WordPress Theme

XTRA WordPress Theme: WooPack stands as a robust plugin meticulously crafted to expedite the creation of WooCommerce websites when integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin. Unleashing the potential of WooCommerce Modules, WooPack significantly streamlines the process of establishing and customizing an online store, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

A standout feature of WooPack is its capability to present a single product with either an add-to-cart button or a customizable button, simplifying the purchasing process for customers directly from the product page. The plugin’s user-friendly design options empower you to craft visually appealing add-to-cart buttons that seamlessly blend with your product presentation.

XTRA WordPress Theme

In addition to facilitating individual product displays, WooPack offers a valuable functionality to showcase the latest products within your store or specific product categories. Take control of your cart page’s appearance by utilizing the drag-and-drop module, allowing you to tailor it to harmonize seamlessly with the overall design aesthetics of your website.

One of the distinctive features of WooPack lies in its ability to inject dynamism into your website. This is achieved through the presentation of carousels or sliders featuring the latest or featured products. This dynamic element serves as an excellent tool for accentuating special promotions, highlighting new arrivals, and capturing the attention of your audience effectively.

WooPack, with its user-centric approach and versatile features, emerges as an indispensable tool for WordPress users seeking an efficient and visually appealing solution for their WooCommerce websites.

Core Features Of XTRA WordPress Theme

Streamlined Single Product Display

Enable an enhanced product presentation on your website using WooPack, allowing for the seamless exhibition of a single product with an intuitive add-to-cart button or a customizable alternative. Simplify the purchasing process for your customers directly from the product page.

Visually Striking Add-to-Cart Buttons

WooPack provides an effortless way to design visually appealing add-to-cart buttons for your products. Leverage the plugin’s user-friendly design options to tailor the button’s appearance, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your website’s distinctive style.

Dynamic Showcasing of Latest Products

Effortlessly draw attention to the latest additions to your product lineup or specific product categories using WooPack. Keep your customers informed and engaged by prominently displaying new products and ongoing promotions.

Stylish Control Over Cart Page

Take full control of your cart page’s aesthetics by utilizing WooPack’s drag-and-drop module. This feature empowers you to customize the styling of your cart page, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design that aligns with your website’s overall look and feel.

Engaging Carousel/Slider for Featured Products

Inject dynamism into your website with WooPack’s module that facilitates the creation of carousels or sliders showcasing the latest or featured products. Elevate user engagement by adding a dynamic element that effectively highlights special promotions and new arrivals.

Aesthetic Checkout Form Design

Enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers with WooPack’s module on the checkout page, allowing you to craft a visually appealing checkout form. This feature ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing shopping process, instilling confidence in your customers as they make purchases on your site.

What’s New (Changelog) in WooPack Beaver Builder v1.5.5

== v1.5.5 == Release date: January 12, 2024
* Enhancement: Product Category – Added meta value as ordering option
* Fix: Checkout – ‘Your order’ text was not getting changed
* Fix: Checkout – Coupon form was not working in some cases when using Enhanced style

Sales Page and Live Demo of WooPack Beaver Builder Plugin

Free Download WooPack Beaver Builder Latest Version


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