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WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator 2.6.73

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator Is A WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the efficient regeneration of thumbnails. Notably user-friendly, SEO-optimized, and compliant with GDPR regulations, this plugin ensures a seamless experience for both beginners and seasoned users alike.

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator

Its capabilities extend beyond basic thumbnail regeneration, incorporating features that enhance website performance, align with search engine optimization best practices, and prioritize the protection of user data according to GDPR standards. Experience the convenience of thumbnail management with Real Thumbnail Generator, where simplicity meets robust functionality.

WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator Plugin stands out with an array of powerful features designed to elevate your image management experience. Here’s an extensive overview of its capabilities:

Core Features Of WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator

  1. Revolution Slider Compatibility:

    • Seamlessly integrates with Revolution Slider, ensuring compatibility with one of the leading slider plugins for WordPress.
  2. Optimized Regeneration Process:

    • Achieve up to 33% faster regeneration times compared to other plugins, thanks to Real Thumbnail Generator’s efficiency in handling requests.
  3. Media Library Regeneration:

    • Easily regenerate your entire media library, ensuring all thumbnails are up to date and optimized.
  4. Unused Image Size Detection:

    • Detect and remove unused image sizes, particularly useful after switching themes, to keep your media library clean and efficient.
  5. Bulk Regeneration:

    • Streamline your workflow with bulk regeneration options in the media library, allowing for quick and efficient thumbnail updates.
  6. Single Image Regeneration:

    • Regenerate images individually within the media library table, grid, or attachment view mode, providing flexibility in managing specific images.
  7. Compatibility with Existing Images:

    • Works seamlessly with your existing images, ensuring smooth integration with your current media library.
  8. Custom Upload Structure:

    • Tailor thumbnail path and filename upload structures according to your preferences, enhancing organization and ease of management.
  9. PDF File Support:

    • Extends support to PDF files, offering comprehensive regeneration options for a variety of media types.
  10. Touch Device Compatibility:

    • Ensures a user-friendly experience on touch devices, allowing for easy regeneration even on tablets and smartphones.
  11. GDPR / DSGVO Compliance:

    • Prioritizes user privacy by collecting no personal data, aligning with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards.
  12. Selective Regeneration:

    • Choose to regenerate a specific set of image sizes, allowing flexibility for new image size registrations while skipping unnecessary regenerations.
  13. WordPress 5.0 Ready:

    • Fully compatible with WordPress 5.0 and its latest features, ensuring seamless integration with the latest version of the platform.
  14. Free Updates:

    • Enjoy continuous improvements with forever-free updates, keeping your plugin in sync with the evolving WordPress ecosystem.
  15. Multisite Support:

    • Designed to work seamlessly with WordPress multisite installations, providing efficient thumbnail regeneration across multiple sites.

Experience the convenience, speed, and flexibility of WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator Plugin, where robust functionality meets user-friendly design.

Download WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator Plugin

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