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EduMall Professional LMS Education Theme Center WordPress 3.7.0

The EduMall Professional LMS Education Theme

EduMall Professional LMS Education Theme, a sophisticated LMS Education Center WordPress Theme, empowers you to build an exceptional Mega Education Centre website, establishing a powerful connection with your students. Whether your goal is to craft a website for an e-learning platform, an education institute, a centralized education hub, or a dynamic education center, EduMall provides the ideal solution.

EduMall Professional LMS Education Theme

With its versatile features and purpose-driven design, EduMall ensures a seamless and engaging online learning experience, making it the preferred choice for those committed to delivering high-quality education in the digital realm. Elevate your educational platform with the professional touch of EduMall, fostering connectivity and enriching the learning journey for both educators and students alike.

Core Features of EduMall WordPress Theme

Course Wishlist

Empower students to curate their educational journey by creating personalized course wishlists for easy navigation and planning.

Powerful Theme Options

Harness the flexibility and control of EduMall’s robust theme options, allowing you to tailor the website’s appearance and functionality to your specific needs.

Email Notifications

Stay connected with your students through timely email notifications, ensuring they receive important updates, announcements, and course-related information.

Speed Optimization

Experience enhanced website performance with EduMall’s speed optimization, providing a seamless and responsive user experience for both educators and students.

Unlimited Instructors

Effortlessly manage and showcase a diverse range of instructors, fostering a collaborative and comprehensive learning environment.

Grading System

Implement a comprehensive grading system to evaluate and assess student performance, providing valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Student & Instructor Dashboard

Facilitate easy navigation and interaction with dedicated dashboards for both students and instructors, enhancing the overall user experience.

Tutor Pro Integration

Seamlessly integrate Tutor Pro, unlocking advanced tutoring features to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Filter by Categories

Efficiently categorize and organize courses for easy discovery with the filter by categories feature, streamlining the course selection process.

Pixel-perfect & Responsive Layouts

Enjoy visually appealing, pixel-perfect designs and layouts that are fully responsive, ensuring a consistent experience across various devices.

Powerful Reports

Access comprehensive and insightful reports to track student progress, course performance, and other key metrics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Course Bundles

Create and offer course bundles to provide students with a cost-effective and curated learning experience.

Paid and Free Course

Offer a flexible learning environment by providing both paid and free course options, catering to diverse student needs.

Limit Quiz Attempts

Maintain assessment integrity by setting limits on quiz attempts, ensuring fair and standardized evaluations.

Course Rating

Enable students to provide feedback and ratings for courses, contributing to a transparent and reputable educational platform.


Effectively communicate important announcements to the entire learning community, fostering a sense of engagement and connection.

Content Drip

Control the release of course content over time with content drip, enabling a structured and paced learning experience.

Time Expiration

Set time constraints for course access, ensuring timely completion and encouraging consistent student engagement.

Custom 1-Click Demo Import

Simplify the website setup process with a custom 1-click demo import feature, allowing for quick and easy replication of demo content.

Content Security

Prioritize content security measures to protect valuable educational resources and maintain a secure learning environment.

Google Fonts

Enhance the visual appeal of your website with a wide selection of Google Fonts, providing diverse typography options.

Zoom Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Zoom, facilitating virtual classrooms and live sessions for interactive learning experiences.

Restrict Content Pro

Leverage the power of Restrict Content Pro for advanced content restriction and membership management.

Multimedia Attachments

Enrich course content with multimedia attachments, catering to varied learning styles and preferences.

BuddyPress Integration

Foster a sense of community and collaboration with BuddyPress integration, enabling social networking features within the educational platform.

Intuitive Course Builder

Easily create and customize courses with an intuitive course builder, streamlining the curriculum development process.

One-time Purchase

Offer courses with one-time purchase options, providing students with convenient and straightforward enrollment choices.

Course Prerequisites

Establish prerequisites for courses, ensuring that students have the foundational knowledge required for advanced coursework.


Explore monetization opportunities by implementing various pricing models and payment gateways, optimizing revenue generation.

FontAwesome Icons

Enhance visual elements with FontAwesome icons, adding a modern and stylish touch to the overall design.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Ensure a consistent and reliable user experience across different browsers with cross-browser compatibility.

Automated Results

Streamline result processing with automated result generation, reducing administrative workload and ensuring accuracy.

Advanced Quiz Creator

Utilize an advanced quiz creator to design diverse and engaging assessments, promoting interactive and effective learning.

Course Review

Encourage student feedback and reviews for courses, fostering transparency and helping prospective students make informed decisions.

Commerce Support

Integrate seamlessly with e-commerce functionalities, supporting online transactions and enhancing the overall user experience.

Paid Membership Pro

Explore the capabilities of Paid Membership Pro, unlocking additional features for managing membership subscriptions.

Certificate Templates

Recognize student achievements with customizable certificate templates, adding a professional touch to the learning experience.

Assignment Submission

Facilitate easy assignment submission and evaluation processes, enhancing the interactive learning environment.

WPML Ready

Ensure multilingual support with WPML readiness, making your educational platform accessible to a global audience.

Revolution Slider Included

Create stunning visual presentations and sliders with the included Revolution Slider, captivating the attention of site visitors.

Course Purchasing with PayPal, Bank Transfer

Offer multiple payment options, including PayPal and bank transfer, for seamless and secure course purchasing transactions.

Download EduMall WordPress Theme

Note: If you are having trouble with Free Download EduMall WordPress Theme Nulled , try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.


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