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Media File Renamer Pro Plugin v5.8.2

The Media File Renamer Pro Plugin

Media File Renamer Pro Plugin is a plugin for WordPress that helps you manage your media files by renaming them. The plugin can automatically rename the files based on certain conditions, or you can manually rename them. This helps improve your website’s SEO and keep your WordPress site organized, reducing the risk of issues related to the file names.

Media File Renamer Pro Plugin

When you rename the files, the references to those file names on your website will also be updated. The plugin is designed to be flexible, with many features and customization options, making it an excellent choice for developers looking to automate the renaming process.

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Core Features of Media File Renamer Pro

Automated File Renaming:

Effortlessly rename media files automatically, based on specified conditions, streamlining your file management process.

Manual File Renaming:

Enjoy the flexibility of manually renaming files, providing complete control over the naming conventions for your media items.

Enhanced SEO:

Boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) by ensuring that media files have descriptive and relevant names, contributing to improved discoverability.

Organized WordPress Site:

Keep your WordPress site impeccably organized by implementing systematic and meaningful file names for all media uploads.

Issue Prevention:

Sidestep potential challenges associated with generic or unclear file names, preventing complications that may arise from ambiguous media file references.

Updated File References:

Automatically update references to renamed files throughout your website, maintaining consistency and preventing broken links.

Feature-Rich Customization:

Benefit from a multitude of features and customization options, allowing you to tailor the file renaming process to your specific needs.

Developer-Friendly Automation:

Ideal for developers seeking automated solutions, the plugin facilitates efficient and hands-free media file renaming, saving time and effort.

What’s New (Changelog) in Media File Renamer Pro v5.7.9

= v5.7.9 (2024/01/01) =
* Update: Enhanced UI with selection options for upload and improved AI prompts.
* Fix: Resolved issues in ‘Rename All’ AI functionality and fixed Sync selection.
* Optimization: Improved history features with new filters, styling changes, and history limit adjustments.
* Add: New renaming methods with NekoTabs, history tracking, and AI-enhanced renaming capabilities.
* Update: Streamlined settings with revised tabs for Manual, Auto, and AI, and better visual indicators for busy fields.
* Add: Additional media library field options and a new “Cancel” feature for manual renaming.

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