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MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin WordPress 4.8.8

The MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin serves as an encompassing property management suite tailored for rental property websites. With its versatile features, users can effortlessly list an unlimited number of accommodations and services. The plugin allows seamless acceptance of direct online reservations, streamlining the booking process for both property owners and guests.

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

Additionally, it facilitates the synchronization of all bookings across various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), ensuring consistency and avoiding conflicts in reservations. One noteworthy aspect is that the plugin operates without imposing per-booking or per-property commissions, providing an economical and straightforward solution for property management.

Core Features Of MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

Multilingual Support

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin boasts robust multilingual support, ensuring that your accommodation offerings are accessible to a global audience.

Seasonal Pricing

Effectively manage your property rates with the seasonal pricing feature, allowing dynamic adjustments based on different times of the year.

Taxes and Fees

Streamline financial transactions by incorporating taxes and fees into the booking process, offering transparency to both property owners and guests.

Booking Multiple Accommodations

Enhance flexibility by enabling guests to book multiple accommodations in a single reservation, catering to various travel needs.

Flexible Booking Rules

Customize booking rules according to your property’s specific requirements, providing a tailored and user-friendly reservation experience.

iCal Support

Utilize iCal support to automatically synchronize bookings across various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), minimizing discrepancies and maximizing efficiency.

Discount Coupons

Boost your promotional efforts by offering discount coupons, encouraging repeat bookings and attracting new guests.

Unlimited Number of Accommodations

List an unlimited number of accommodations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your property portfolio without limitations.

Actions and Filters

Take control of the plugin’s functionalities with the availability of diverse actions and filters, allowing customization to suit your unique needs.

Confirmation Modes

Choose from various confirmation modes to tailor the booking confirmation process, aligning it with your property’s workflow.

Weekly and Monthly Rates

Implement flexible pricing structures with weekly and monthly rates, accommodating longer stays and providing guests with cost-effective options.

WooCommerce Payments Addon

Integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce Payments addon for a secure and reliable online payment processing system.

Shortcodes & Widgets

Leverage shortcodes and widgets for effortless integration and display of booking elements on your WordPress site.


Efficiently manage rates with the plugin’s dedicated feature, providing a structured approach to pricing your accommodations.

Optimized with Elementor

Experience optimized compatibility with Elementor, a popular page builder, allowing for a seamless design and customization process.

Variable Pricing

Implement variable pricing strategies based on different factors, adapting to changing market conditions and maximizing revenue potential.

Bookings Calendar

Stay organized with a bookings calendar, providing an at-a-glance overview of reservation schedules and availability.

Email Notifications

Keep both guests and property owners informed with automated email notifications for booking confirmations, updates, and reminders.

Packages and Services

Enhance guest experience by offering packages and services that can be seamlessly integrated into the booking process.

Generate Booking Reports

Access valuable insights into your property’s performance with the ability to generate detailed booking reports.

Online and Offline Payments

Facilitate a diverse range of payment options by supporting both online and offline payment methods, accommodating various guest preferences.

Real-time Search Availability Form

Empower potential guests with a real-time search availability form, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient booking experience.

GDPR Compliance

Rest easy with the knowledge that the WordPress Hotel Booking plugin adheres to GDPR compliance standards, prioritizing data protection and privacy.

Attributes – Advanced Sorting Options

Optimize your property listings with attributes and advanced sorting options, providing an intuitive and organized user interface for potential guests.

Download MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

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