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WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress Plugin v2.6.12

The WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress

WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress Plugin is a plugin for WordPress that helps you migrate your WordPress database from one site to another. This can be useful if you want to move your WordPress site to a new host or domain, or if you want to make a copy of your site for testing or development purposes.

WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress Plugin

The plugin allows you to export your WordPress database as a SQL file and then import it to a new site. It also includes a number of features that help you automate and streamline the migration process, such as the ability to find and replace URLs and file paths in the database, the ability to exclude certain tables or rows from the migration, and the ability to schedule migrations to run automatically.

One of the key benefits of WP Migrate DB Pro is that it preserves your site’s data and settings, including posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, users, and media files. It also handles serialized data in the database, which can be difficult to migrate manually.

Overall, WP Migrate DB Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that can help you quickly and easily migrate your WordPress database from one site to another. It’s especially useful if you have a large or complex site and want to ensure that all of your data and settings are preserved during the migration process.

Core Features of WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress

WP Migrate DB Pro is a sophisticated WordPress plugin that serves as a comprehensive solution for effortlessly exporting and importing your WordPress database across different sites. Packed with powerful features, this plugin simplifies the migration process and ensures the seamless transfer of your database with minimal effort.

Key Features:

Export and Import with Ease:

WP Migrate DB Pro enables you to efficiently export your WordPress database as a SQL file and seamlessly import it into a new site. This straightforward process ensures a quick and hassle-free transition between sites.

Find and Replace Functionality:

Take advantage of the plugin’s robust find and replace feature, allowing you to effortlessly update URLs and file paths within the database. This functionality proves invaluable when relocating your site to a new domain or hosting provider.

Selective Exclusion of Tables or Rows:

Tailor your migration process to your specific needs by excluding certain tables or rows from the transfer. This level of customization ensures that only the desired data is included in the migrated database.

Scheduled Migrations for Automation:

WP Migrate DB Pro introduces scheduled migrations, allowing you to automate the process at predefined intervals. Whether for regular backups or testing purposes, scheduled migrations offer convenience and reliability.

Serialized Data Handling:

Tackle the challenge of serialized data in the database effortlessly. WP Migrate DB Pro adeptly manages serialized data, ensuring the preservation of your site’s intricate data and settings during the migration process.

Seamless Migration of Media Files:

Effortlessly migrate your media files, encompassing images, videos, and various file types. The plugin ensures that all associated media files are seamlessly transferred along with the database.

Universal Compatibility:

Enjoy the flexibility of WP Migrate DB Pro with its universal compatibility. The plugin seamlessly integrates with most hosting providers and is designed to work harmoniously with a wide array of WordPress themes and plugins.

In summary, WP Migrate DB Pro stands out as a powerful and user-friendly plugin, offering a plethora of features to facilitate the swift and secure migration of your WordPress database. Whether you’re moving your site to a new domain, performing routine backups, or conducting tests, WP Migrate DB Pro ensures a seamless and reliable process. Elevate your migration experience with this feature-rich plugin, designed to cater to the diverse needs of WordPress users.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Migrate DB Pro

New: Links to plugin documentation, support, feedback, and changelog are now available in the footer of WP Admin
Improvement: Migration performance is now improved for sites that do not organize uploads into month- and year-based folders
Bug fix: Form data types are now consistent when using default fallbacks
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